On 01/12/16 09:04, Jeff King wrote:
> If a malicious server redirects the initial ref
> advertisement, it may be able to leak sha1s from other,
> unrelated servers that the client has access to. For
> example, imagine that Alice is a git user, she has access to
> a private repository on a server hosted by Bob, and Mallory
> runs a malicious server and wants to find out about Bob's
> private repository.
> Mallory asks Alice to clone an unrelated repository from her
... from _him_ ? (ie Mallory)

> over HTTP. When Alice's client contacts Mallory's server for
> the initial ref advertisement, the server issues an HTTP
> redirect for Bob's server. Alice contacts Bob's server and
> gets the ref advertisement for the private repository. If
> there is anything to fetch, she then follows up by asking
> the server for one or more sha1 objects. But who is the
> server?
> If it is still Mallory's server, then Alice will leak the
> existence of those sha1s to her.
... to _him_ ? (again Mallory)

Ramsay Jones

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