On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 03:02:23PM -0800, Brandon Williams wrote:

> > diff --git a/http.c b/http.c
> > index 825118481..051fe6e5a 100644
> > --- a/http.c
> > +++ b/http.c
> > @@ -745,6 +745,7 @@ static CURL *get_curl_handle(void)
> >     if (is_transport_allowed("ftps"))
> >             allowed_protocols |= CURLPROTO_FTPS;
> >     curl_easy_setopt(result, CURLOPT_REDIR_PROTOCOLS, allowed_protocols);
> > +   curl_easy_setopt(result, CURLOPT_PROTOCOLS, allowed_protocols);
> >  #else
> >     if (transport_restrict_protocols())
> >             warning("protocol restrictions not applied to curl redirects 
> > because\n"
> Because I don't know much about how curl works....Only
> http/https/ftp/ftps protocols are allowed to be passed to curl?  Is that
> because curl only understands those particular protocols?

No, curl understands more protocols, and that is exactly the problem. We
don't want to accidentally have curl access file://, smtp://, or
similar, based on what some server puts in their http-alternates file.

You should only be able to get to this code-path by calling one of
git-remote-{http,https,ftp,ftps}. So there is no problem with
restricting the protocol beyond those options. And there should be no
problem with restricting within that set; if the protocol we intend to
feed to curl had been disallowed by policy, git would have blocked it
before hitting git-remote in the first place.


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