On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 10:14:15AM -0800, Brandon Williams wrote:

> >   1. The new policy config lets you say "only allow this protocol when
> >      the user specifies it". But when http.c calls is_transport_allowed(),
> >      the latter has no idea that we are asking it about potential
> >      redirects (which obviously do _not_ come from the user), and would
> >      erroneously allow them.
> > 
> >      I think this needs fixed before the topic is merged. It's not a
> >      regression, as it only comes into play if you use the new policy
> >      config. But it is a minor security hole in the new feature.
> I agree and it should be an easy fix.  We can just add a parameter like
> so:
> diff --git a/transport.c b/transport.c
> index 2c0ec76..d38d50f 100644
> --- a/transport.c
> +++ b/transport.c
> @@ -723,7 +723,7 @@ static enum protocol_allow_config 
> get_protocol_config(const char *type)
>  }
> -int is_transport_allowed(const char *type)
> +int is_transport_allowed(const char *type, int redirect)
>  {
>       const struct string_list *whitelist = protocol_whitelist();
>       if (whitelist)
> @@ -735,7 +735,7 @@ int is_transport_allowed(const char *type)
>               return 0;
> -             return git_env_bool("GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER", 1);
> +             return git_env_bool("GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER", !redirect);
>       }
>       die("BUG: invalid protocol_allow_config type");
> That way the libcurl code can say it is asking if it is ok to redirect
> to that protocol.

I wouldn't expect anyone to ever set GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER=1, but it
does behave in a funny way here, overriding the "redirect" flag. I think
we'd want something more like:

  if (redirect < 0)
        redirect = git_env_bool("GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER", 1);

and then pass in "-1" from transport_check_allowed().

I think that's sufficient to fix the topic as-is. However, the http
redirect series adds an extra complication, because with http-alternates
we resolve some of the redirects ourselves. So in those cases we'd want
to restrict CURLOPT_PROTOCOLS as if they were redirects. We may need to
set up two CURLOPT values: ones from the user and ones from redirects,
appropriate depending on the request context.

> We should switch to warning all the time since this series adds in
> default whitelisted/blacklisted protocols anyways.

Yeah, good point. As a bonus it makes the code simpler.


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