On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 11:44:07AM -0800, Brandon Williams wrote:

> Add a the 'redirect' parameter to 'is_transport_allowed' which allows
> callers to query if a transport protocol can be used on a redirect.

s/a the/a/

> -int is_transport_allowed(const char *type)
> +int is_transport_allowed(const char *type, int redirect)
>  {
>       const struct string_list *whitelist = protocol_whitelist();
>       if (whitelist)
> @@ -735,7 +735,7 @@ int is_transport_allowed(const char *type)
>               return 0;
> -             return git_env_bool("GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER", 1);
> +             return git_env_bool("GIT_PROTOCOL_FROM_USER", !redirect);
>       }

This has the older logic still.

I'm not sure if we should call this "redirect" here. That's how it's
used by the curl code, but I think from the perspective of the transport
whitelist, it is really "are you overriding the from_user environment".

Calling it "from_user" may be confusing though, as the default value
would become "1", even though it means only "as far as I know this is
from the user, but maybe the environment says otherwise". So bizarrely,
I think calling it "not_from_user" is the clearest value.


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