On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 05:16:00PM -0400, Drew Northup wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 3:05 PM, Angelo Borsotti
> <angelo.borso...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Are remote repositories less protected than the local ones? I
> > think that to be consistent, the same strategy should be used on all
> > repositories, i.e. rejecting changes on tags by default, unless they
> > are forced.

> So here we come to the core argument. Is sounds to me like you want
> changes to remote tags to work differently from push updates to ALL
> other references. The required change, if I'm not mistaken, would be
> for tags to not permit fast-forward updates while all other references
> would be pushed normally. From my brief and un-enlightened look at the
> push code I can't see that being as easy as it sounds.

I think the patch below obtains the requested behaviour:

diff --git a/remote.c b/remote.c
index 04fd9ea..7fcb51e 100644
--- a/remote.c
+++ b/remote.c
@@ -1320,7 +1320,7 @@ void set_ref_status_for_push(struct ref *remote_refs, int 
                        !ref->deletion &&
                        !is_null_sha1(ref->old_sha1) &&
-                         || !ref_newer(ref->new_sha1, ref->old_sha1));
+                         || !prefixcmp(ref->name, "refs/tags") || 
!ref_newer(ref->new_sha1, ref->old_sha1));
                if (ref->nonfastforward && !ref->force && !force_update) {
                        ref->status = REF_STATUS_REJECT_NONFASTFORWARD;

  Kacper Kornet
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