Am 25.10.2012 08:58, schrieb Angelo Borsotti:
> Hello,
> git push tag updates silently the specified tag. E.g.
> git init --bare release.git
> git clone release.git integrator
> cd integrator
> git branch -avv
> touch f1; git add f1; git commit -m A
> git tag v1
> git push origin tag v1
> touch f2; git add f2; git commit -m B
> git tag -f v1
> git push origin tag v1
> the second git push updates the tag in the remote repository. This is
> somehow counterintuitive because tags normally do not move (unless
> forced to that), and is not documented.

Tags are refs, just like branches. "Tags don't move" is just a
convention, and git doesn't even respect it (except possibly in one
place[1]). You can't reseat tags unless you use -f, which is exactly the
same with branches, which you can't reseat unless you use -f.

[1] By default, git fetch does not fetch tags that it already has.

> This is also harmful because it allows to change silently something
> (tags) that normally must not change.

You asked git push to push a tag, and the tag was pushed. What's wrong?

-- Hannes

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