On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 07:35:00AM -0400, Jeff King wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 07:21:52AM -0400, Drew Northup wrote:

> > > I would have expected git to at least complain about updating an
> > > annotated tag with another annotated tag. But it actually uses the same
> > > fast-forward rule, just on the pointed-to commits. So a fast-forward
> > > annotated re-tag will throw away the old tag object completely. Which
> > > seems a bit crazy to me.

> > > It seems like a no-brainer to me that annotated tags should not replace
> > > each other without a force, no matter where in the refs hierarchy they
> > > go.

> > > For lightweight tags, I think it's more gray. They are just pointers
> > > into history. Some projects may use them to tag immutable official
> > > versions, but I also see them used as shared bookmarks. Requiring "-f"
> > > may make the latter use more annoying. On the other hand, bookmark tags
> > > tend not to be pushed, or if they are, it is part of a mirror-like
> > > backup which should be forcing all updates anyway.

> > Would that be an endorsement of continuing to build a patch set
> > including the snippet that Kacper posted earlier (1) in response to my
> > comment about not being sure how complicated all of this would be or
> > not?

> That patch just blocks non-forced updates to refs/tags/. I think a saner
> start would be to disallow updating non-commit objects without a force.
> We already do so for blobs and trees because they are not (and cannot
> be) fast forwards. The fact that annotated tags are checked for
> fast-forward seems to me to be a case of "it happens to work that way"
> and not anything planned. Since such a push drops the reference to the
> old version of the tag, it should probably require a force.

I'm not sure. Looking at 37fde87 ("Fix send-pack for non-commitish
tags.") I have an impression that Junio allowed for fast-forward pushes
of annotated tags on purpose. 

> Then on top of that we can talk about what lightweight tags should do.
> I'm not sure. Following the regular fast-forward rules makes some sense
> to me, because you are never losing objects. But there may be
> complications with updating tags in general because of fetch's rules,
> and we would be better off preventing people from accidentally doing so.
> I think a careful review of fetch's tag rules would be in order before
> making any decision there.

The problem with the current behaviour is, that one can never be 100% sure
that his push will not overwrite someone else tag.

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