I agree with you that it is too easy to create chaos by changing tags in
a published repository and that git should do more to prevent this from
happening without explicit user forcing.  The fact that git internally
handles tags similarly to other references is IMO an excuse for the
current behavior, but not a justification.

On 10/29/2012 09:12 AM, Angelo Borsotti wrote:
> to let the owner of a remote repository (one on which git-push
> deposits objects) disallow
> others to change tags, a key on its config file could be used.
> An option on git-push, or environment variable, or key in config file
> of the repo from which git-push takes objects do not help in enforcing
> the policy not to update tags in the remote repo.

If your remote repository is managed using gitolite, you can institute
restrictions on changing tags via the gitolite config.


Michael Haggerty
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