On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 01:38:28PM -0400, Phil Hord wrote:

> > I am not sure it is sufficient as-is, though. It does not seem to ever
> > clear variables, only set them, which means that values could leak
> > across iterations of the loop,  [...] E.g., when
> > the first submodule has submodule.*.foo set but the second one does not,
> > you will still end up with $submodule_foo set when you process the
> > second one.
> Good point.  That should not happen.
> > or down to recursive calls.
> Frankly, I consider that to be a feature.  However, I can see how it
> would be considered inconsistent in many ways, so it's probably best
> to squash it.  :-\

I think it would depend on the semantics of the option. Some options
would probably make sense to apply recursively, and some not.

Maybe instead of blindly converting config into the environment, it
should forward or clear specific known-meaning config.

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