"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

> By remaining agnostic on the variable usage, this patch makes
> submodule setup more convenient for all parties.

I personally do not think "remaining agnostic on the usage" is a
good thing, at least for any option to commands at the higher level
on the stack, such as "git submodule".  I am afraid that giving an
easier way to set up a variable with undefined semantics may make
setup more confusing for all parties.  One party gives one specific
meaning to the field, while another party uses it for something
slightly different.

I would not object to "git config submodule.$name.branch $value", on
the other hand.  "git config" can be used to set a piece of data
that has specific meaning, but as a low-level tool, it is not
_limited_ to variables that have defined meaning.
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