I just noticed that "git imap-send" with imap.preformattedHTML turned on
is broken for multipart messages.  The problem is that "git imap-send"
embeds *everything* after the main email header in <pre></pre> and
HTML-escapes it, instead of splitting out the email parts and quoting
their bodies individually.

Ironically, the "git imap-send" manpage specifically lists the typical
usage as

    git format-patch --signoff --stdout --attach origin | git imap-send

which is broken if imap.preformattedHTML is set.

It seems to me that rather than fix "git imap-send" (which would require
it to become more complicated), it would be better to teach "git
format-patch" how to do preformatting and restrict "git imap-send" to
sending messages verbatim to an IMAP server.  Moving the functionality
to "git format-patch" would also make it possible to create preformatted
emails to be used with other transports.

Oh, and, by the way, "git imap-send" is utterly untested by the test
suite.  The fact that it is intrinsically hard to test without lots of
extra infrastructure is another argument for making it as stupid as

I don't plan to work on this.


Michael Haggerty
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