Hi all,

I've been pretty impressed with git's test framework, and I'm not
aware of many other (decent) shell-based test frameworks out there.
(One that springs to mind is the one used by rvm, but last time I
looked - admittedly a while ago now - it had limitations).

Recently a situation arose where I craved the ability to test
something via shell.  I did a quick proof of concept and successfully
extracted out the non-git-specific bits of git's test framework to be
used to test something entirely unrelated to git:


As it turned out to be fairly easy, I was wondering if there would be
any interest in doing this more formally, i.e. splitting off the
framework so that it could be used and improved outside the scope of
git development?  Of course this would pose the question how git would
consume this new project without any risk of destabilisation.  I'm
guessing that simply using a git submodule would solve the problem,
but ICBW ...

Just an idea.  Interesting, or terrible? :)

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