Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Hi Ram,
> Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>> 59893a88 (Documentation/log: add a CONFIGURATION section, 2010-05-08)
>> mentioned that `format.pretty` is the default for the `--format`
>> option.  Such an option never existed,
> False.  Have you tried it?

Oops, I read about `--pretty` in pretty-formats.txt and didn't realize
that `--format` existed.  However, your patch is still wrong because
there seems to be a subtle (and confusing) difference between
`--pretty` and `--format`.  In the latter, you can't omit the format,
and expect it to be picked up from format.pretty:

  $ git log --format
  fatal: unrecognized argument: --format

Instead, you have to specify the format explicitly:

  $ git log --format=medium

So, we should change the commit message in my patch?

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