Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

> Oops, I read about `--pretty` in pretty-formats.txt and didn't realize
> that `--format` existed.  However, your patch is still wrong because
> there seems to be a subtle (and confusing) difference between
> `--pretty` and `--format`.  In the latter, you can't omit the format,
> and expect it to be picked up from format.pretty:
>   $ git log --format
>   fatal: unrecognized argument: --format

You can do

        $ git log

and format.pretty will still take effect.  In other words, setting
format.pretty to "foo" is somewhat like making

        $ git log


        $ git log --format=foo

which is what the text is supposed to explain.  It is based on the
following text from Documentation/config.txt:

                The default pretty format for log/show/whatchanged command,
                See linkgit:git-log[1], linkgit:git-show[1],

I do imagine it can be made clearer.  s/--format/--pretty/ does not go
far enough --- it only replaces one confusing explanation with

Hoping that clarifies,
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