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> > I've been pretty impressed with git's test framework, and I'm not
> > aware of many other (decent) shell-based test frameworks out there.
> > (One that springs to mind is the one used by rvm, but last time I
> > looked - admittedly a while ago now - it had limitations).
> >
> > Recently a situation arose where I craved the ability to test
> > something via shell.  I did a quick proof of concept and successfully
> > extracted out the non-git-specific bits of git's test framework to be
> > used to test something entirely unrelated to git:
> >
> >     https://github.com/aspiers/shell-env/tree/master/t
> >
> > As it turned out to be fairly easy, I was wondering if there would be
> > any interest in doing this more formally, i.e. splitting off the
> > framework so that it could be used and improved outside the scope of
> > git development?  Of course this would pose the question how git
> would
> > consume this new project without any risk of destabilisation.  I'm
> > guessing that simply using a git submodule would solve the problem,
> > but ICBW ...
> FWIW, the notmuch project seems to be doing the same; extracting and
> using git's test framework.

The Apache Maven project is migrating to GIT right now and they just covered a 
long discussion on the pros and cons of this (sort of). It might be a bit of a 
read [1] but I can also provide some perspective. The question is asked in 
reverse in [2] since Maven had them separate and some suggested to merge them.


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