On 11/14/2012 12:18 PM, Quintin Ronan wrote:
> Hello,
> I’m trying to compile git 1.7 on a HPUX server using make.
> The ./configure worked well :
> [SNIP]
> But when i run make (with –d) it simply doesn’t work with a message
> which isn’t really helpfull :
>   [SNIP]
>   Make: line 313: syntax error.  Stop.
> Can you help me ?
The Git build system requires GNU make, but it seems to me you are using
your system native make instead.  That won't work.  It might be the case
GNU make is installed on your system, but is named something like 'gmake'
or 'gnumake' rather than just 'make'.  What happens if you run the

   $ gmake --version
   $ gnumake --version

If GNU make is not installed on your system, you can download the latest
version from here:


For more information about GNU make:


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