Jeff King wrote:

> If git-send-email is configured with sendemail.from, we will
> not prompt the user for the "From" address of the emails.
> If it is not configured, we prompt the user, but provide the
> repo author or committer as a default.  Even though we
> probably have a sensible value for the default, the prompt
> is a safety check in case git generated an incorrect
> implicit ident string.

I haven't read the code carefully, but this behavior sounds sensible,
so for what it's worth,
Acked-by: Jonathan Nieder <>

> The test scripts need to be adjusted to not expect a prompt
> for the sender, since they always have the author explicitly
> defined in the environment. Unfortunately, we cannot
> reliably test that prompting still happens in the implicit
> case, as send-email will produce inconsistent results
> depending on the machine config (if we cannot find a FQDN,
> "git var" will barf, causing us to exit early;

At first this sounded like a bug to me --- how could the user keep
working without the sysadmin intervening?

But then I remembered that the user can set her name and email in
.gitconfig and probably would want to in such a setup anyway.

When someone writes such a test, I think it could check that git
either prompts or writes a message advising to configure the user
email, no?  Waiting until later for that seems fine to me, though.

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