On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 09:18:27AM -0800, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> > The test scripts need to be adjusted to not expect a prompt
> > for the sender, since they always have the author explicitly
> > defined in the environment. Unfortunately, we cannot
> > reliably test that prompting still happens in the implicit
> > case, as send-email will produce inconsistent results
> > depending on the machine config (if we cannot find a FQDN,
> > "git var" will barf, causing us to exit early;
> At first this sounded like a bug to me --- how could the user keep
> working without the sysadmin intervening?
> But then I remembered that the user can set her name and email in
> .gitconfig and probably would want to in such a setup anyway.

Right. They would already have to to make commits, for example.

> When someone writes such a test, I think it could check that git
> either prompts or writes a message advising to configure the user
> email, no?  Waiting until later for that seems fine to me, though.

Yes. The problem is that the behavior and output are dependent on
factors outside the test suite, so we would have to check that one of
the possible expected outcomes happens. But I think there are really
only two such outcomes (neglecting that the ident itself can have
arbitrary content, but we do not have to check the actual content).

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