On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Marc Khouzam <marc.khou...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The current tcsh-completion support for Git, as can be found on the
> Internet, takes the approach of defining the possible completions
> explicitly.  This has the obvious draw-back to require constant
> updating as the Git code base evolves.
> The approach taken by this commit is to to re-use the advanced bash
> completion script and use its result for tcsh completion.  This is
> achieved by executing (versus sourcing) the bash script and
> outputting the completion result for tcsh consumption.
> Three solutions were looked at to implement this approach with (A)
> being retained:
>   A) Modifications:
>           git-completion.bash and new git-completion.tcsh

As I said, I don't think this is needed. It can be done in a single
stand-alone script without modifications to git-completion.bash.

This works:

set called = ($_)
set script = "${called[2]}.tmp"

cat <<\EOF > $script
source "$HOME/.git-completion.sh"

# Set COMP_WORDS in a way that can be handled by the bash script.

# Set COMP_CWORD to the cursor location as bash would.
if [ -n "${2-}" ]; then
        # Assume the cursor is at the end of parameter #1.
        # We must check for a space as the last character which will
        # tell us that the previous word is complete and the cursor
        # is on the next word.
        if [ "${1: -1}" == " " ]; then
                # The last character is a space, so our location is at the end
                # of the command-line array
                # The last character is not a space, so our location is on the
                # last word of the command-line array, so we must decrement the
                # count by 1

# Call _git() or _gitk() of the bash script, based on the first
# element of the command-line

echo "${COMPREPLY[*]}"

complete git  'p/*/`bash ${script} "${COMMAND_LINE}" | sort | uniq`/'
complete gitk 'p/*/`bash ${script} "${COMMAND_LINE}" | sort | uniq`/'

Felipe Contreras
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