Marc Khouzam <> writes:

> The current tcsh-completion support for Git, as can be found on the
> Internet, takes the approach of defining the possible completions
> explicitly.  This has the obvious draw-back to require constant
> updating as the Git code base evolves.
> ...
>   C) Modifications:
>           New git-completion.tcsh
>      Provide a short tcsh script that generates another script
>      which extends git-completion.bash.  This new script can be
>      used by tcsh to perform completion.
>      Pros:
>        1- tcsh support is entirely isolated in git-completion.tcsh
>        2- new tcsh script can be as complex as needed
>      Cons (for tcsh users only):
>        1- requires the user to copy both git-completion.tcsh and
>           git-completion.bash to ${HOME}
>        2- requires bash script to have a fixed name and location:
>           ${HOME}/.git-completion.bash
>        3- sourcing the new script will generate a third script
> Approach (C) was selected avoid any modification to git-completion.bash.
> Signed-off-by: Marc Khouzam <>
> ---
> As suggested, I put the 'sort | uniq' inside the script.
> In that case, I don't need to worry about aliases since 'sort |uniq' will
> be executed in bash, for which the tcsh user surely doesn't have aliases 
> setup.

OK, so does this look OK to everybody (it does, looking at the
difference between v3 and this one, to me)?

The patch may deserve a Reviewed-by: by Felipe, by the way.  I can
add one while applying.

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