Brandon Casey <> writes:

> The cherry-pick -s functionality is currently broken in two ways.
>    1. handling of rfc2822 continuation lines has a bug, and the
>       continuation lines are not handled correctly.

This is not limited to you, but people should think twice when
writing "has a bug" and "are not handled correctly" in their log
message.  Did you write what the expected and actual behaviours?

> +rfc2822_mesg="$non_rfc2822_mesg
> +
> +Signed-off-by: A.U. Thor
> + <>
> +Signed-off-by: B.U. Thor <>"

The S-o-b: lines are meant to record people's contact info in human
readable forms, and folding the lines like the above makes it a lot
harder to read.  They typically do not have to be folded.

Besides, the footer lines are *not* RFC2822 headers (and are not
used as such when send-email comes up with Cc: list) in the first
place; have we ever said anything about supporting the RFC2822 line
folding in the commit footer?  If not (and I am reasonably sure we
never have), I personally think we should actively *discourage* line
folding there.

>       i.e. we should produce this:
>          Signed-off-by: A.U. Thor <>
>          (cherry picked from )
>          Signed-off-by: C O Mmitter <>
>       not
>          Signed-off-by: A.U. Thor <>
>          (cherry picked from da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709)
>          Signed-off-by: C O Mmitter <>

I can buy that, but then this makes it very clear that these footer
lines are not shaped like RFC2822 headers, no?

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