On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Brandon Casey <draf...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Detect whether the s-o-b already exists in the commit footer and refrain
>> from adding a duplicate.
> If you are trying to forbid
>         git cherry-pick -s $other
> from adding s-o-b: A when $other ends with these two existing s-o-b:
>         s-o-b: A
>         s-o-b: B
> then I think that is a wrong thing to do.
> In such a case, the resulting commit should gain another s-o-b from
> A to record the provenance as a chain of events.  A originally wrote
> the patch, B forwarded it (possibly with his own tweaks), and then A
> picked it up and recorded the result to the history, possibly with a
> final tweak or two.

Hmm.  I've never thought that it was necessary to add an additional
sob for the patches that I've cherry picked that I had previously
signed-off-on.  I considered one sign-off to be enough.  In your
example, A is the committer and the patch set already contains A's
sign-off.  For me that indicates that A still considers the commit to
comply with whatever s-o-b implies.

We also seem to have a few tools to help people avoid adding duplicate
sob's, like the current behavior of format-patch and the sample
commit-msg hook.

I did some quick searching through the kernel commits to try to find
some examples that could set a precedence.  I didn't find anything
that supported either argument.  I didn't see any commits that were
cherry-picked _and_ had an existing sob that was not the last sob.  I
didn't see any that had duplicate sob lines either.  I'm not
mentioning this to say that lack of a prior use should mean we should
actively disallow the practice of adding duplicate sob's, I'm just
providing it as a data point.

I've always thought that the reason that 'commit -s' and 'cherry-pick
-s' checked only the last line of the commit message was simply that a
full scan of the footer had not been implemented.

Whichever behavior is determined to be the right way for git to do it,
format-patch should be brought in-line with the others and be built on
top of the code in sequencer.c.  So, if git _should_ create duplicate
sob's then this patch should just be dropped.  Duy's unification patch
can just be built on top of sequencer.c:append_signoff() without
bringing over any of the duplicate sob detection from log-tree.c.

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