SZEDER Gábor wrote:

> The 'basic' test uses 'grep -q' to filter the resulting possible
> completion words while looking for the presence or absence of certain
> git commands, and relies on grep's exit status to indicate a failure.
> To make testers' life easier provide some output about the failed
> condition: store the results of the filtering in a file and compare
> its contents to the expected results by the good old test_cmp helper.

Looks good.  I wonder if this points to the need for a test_grep
helper more generally.

>       run_completion "git f" &&
> -     ! grep -q -v "^f" out
> +     >expected &&
> +     sed -n "/^[^f]/p" out >out2 &&
> +     test_cmp expected out2

Functional change: before, this would fail if "out" contained a blank
line, while afterward it does not.  I doubt that matters, though.

Thanks and hope that helps,
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