SZEDER Gábor wrote:

> --- a/t/
> +++ b/t/
> @@ -155,6 +155,90 @@ test_expect_success '__gitcomp - suffix' '
>       test_cmp expected out
>  '
> +test_expect_success '__gitcomp_nl - trailing space' '
> +     sed -e "s/Z$//" >expected <<-\EOF &&

'$' is usually a shell metacharacter, so it would be more comfortable
to read a version that escapes it:

        sed -e "s/Z\$//" >expected <<-\EOF

Since '$/' is not a valid parameter expansion, if I understand
correctly then POSIX leaves the meaning of the quoted string "s/Z$//"
undefined (XCU §2.2.3).  Luckily every shell I've tried, including
bash, keeps the $ unmolested.

Other parts of the file already use the same style, so I wouldn't
suggest changing it in this patch.

Thanks for some nice tests.

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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