Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Never mind that others have said that that's not the current interface
> (I don't yet see why it would be a good interface after a transition,
> but maybe it would be).  Still, hopefully that clarifies the intended
> meaning.

Care to explain how the current interface is supposed to work, how
fast-export and transport-helper should interact with remote helpers
that adhere to the current interface, and how well/correctly the
current implementation of these pieces work?

What I am trying to get at is to see where the problem lies.  Felipe
sees bugs in the aggregated whole.  Is the root cause of the problems
he sees some breakages in the current interface?  Is the interface
designed right but the problem is that the implementation of the
transport-helper is buggy and driving fast-export incorrectly?  Or is
the implementation of the fast-export buggy and emitting wrong results,
even though the transport-helper is driving fast-export correctly?
Something else?

I see Felipe keeps repeating that there are bugs, and keeps posting
patches to change fast-export, but I haven't seen a concrete "No,
the reason why you see these problems is because you are not using
the interface correctly; the currrent interface is fine.  Here is
how you can fix your program" from "others".

With such a one-sided discussion, I've been having a hard time
convincing myself if Felipe's effort is making the interface better,
or just breaking it even more for existing remote helpers, only to
fit his world model better.

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