Max Horn <> writes:

> On 11.11.2012, at 14:59, Felipe Contreras wrote:
>> When an object has already been exported (and thus is in the marks) it's
>> flagged as SHOWN, so it will not be exported again, even if in a later
>> time it's exported through a different ref.
>> We don't need the object to be exported again, but we want the ref
>> updated, which doesn't happen.
>> Since we can't know if a ref was exported or not, let's just assume that
>> if the commit was marked (flags & SHOWN), the user still wants the ref
>> updated.
>> IOW: If it's specified in the command line, it will get updated,
>> regardless of wihether or not the object was marked.
> Typo: wihether => whether
>> So:
>> % git branch test master
>> % git fast-export $mark_flags master
>> % git fast-export $mark_flags test
>> Would export 'test' properly.
>> Additionally, this fixes issues with remote helpers; now they can push
>> refs wich objects have already been exported, and a few other issues as
> Typo: wich => which

I'd rather use "whose" there.
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