On 2012-11-22, Angelo Borsotti <angelo.borso...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I have attached an external disc, which appears on Windows as drive f:
> in Windows Explorer.
> Right-clicking on it displays a context menu showing (among other
> items) Git Init Here, Git Gui and
> Git Bash. The first two work properly on that drive.
> However, the git bash does not. Not even the one that is run from the icon:
> $ cd f:
> sh.exe": cd: f:: No such file or directory

This is probably a known limitation of MSYS (the shell environment that
Git Bash uses, which is part of MingW):

Drive letters added after MSYS has started only become visible if all
MSYS processes are stopped and restarted. See e.g.

How to register newly mounted drive in git bash?

for some more details.

It seems there is no easy workaround, so you'll need to close all Git
Bash windows and reopen them.

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