René Scharfe <> writes:

> I doubt the type of file system matters.  The questions are: How much
> main memory do you have, what is git trying to cram into it, is there
> a way to reduce the memory footprint or do you need to add more RAM?
>> any recommendations on how to pin point the "offender"? ;)
> Running "GIT_TRACE=1 git pull --ff-only origin master" would be a
> good start, I think, to find out which of the different activities
> that pull is doing causes the out-of-memory error.
> "free" and "ulimit -a" can help you find out how much memory you can
> use.
> Also: What does "wc -L .git/FETCH_HEAD .git/packed-refs" report?
> getdelim() is used mostly to read lines from files like these and in
> the admittedly unlikely case that they are *really* long such an
> error would be expected.

There is only one getdelim() call, which was introduced in v2.5.0
timeframe, and it is used like this:

        r = getdelim(&sb->buf, &sb->alloc, term, fp);

        if (r > 0) {
                sb->len = r;
                return 0;
        assert(r == -1);

         * Normally we would have called xrealloc, which will try to free
         * memory and recover. But we have no way to tell getdelim() to do so.
         * Worse, we cannot try to recover ENOMEM ourselves, because we have
         * no idea how many bytes were read by getdelim.
         * Dying here is reasonable. It mirrors what xrealloc would do on
         * catastrophic memory failure. We skip the opportunity to free pack
         * memory and retry, but that's unlikely to help for a malloc small
         * enough to hold a single line of input, anyway.
        if (errno == ENOMEM)
                die("Out of memory, getdelim failed");

So the function is returning -1 and leaving ENOMEM in errno on
Yaroslav's system.  

I wonder if we are truly hitting out of memory, though.  The same
symptom could bee seen if getdelim() does not touch errno when it
returns -1, but some other system call earlier set it to ENOMEM,
for example.

If the same version of Git is recompiled there without HAVE_GETDELIM
defined, would it still die with out of memory (presumably inside
the call to strbuf_grow() in the strbuf_getwholeline() function)?

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