Jeff King <> writes:

> If it's smooth, the (50,1) case is slightly nicer in that it puts the
> progress in front of the user more quickly. I'm not sure if that's
> actually worth pushing an additional decision onto the person writing
> the calling code, though (especially when we are just now puzzling out
> the method for making such a decision from first principles).
> So I'd vote to drop that parameter entirely. And if 1 second seems
> noticeably snappier, then we should probably just move everything to a 1
> second delay (I don't have a strong feeling either way).

Sounds like a good idea to me.  

I've already locally tweaked Kevin's patch to use (0,2) instead of
(0,1) without introducing the simpler wrapper.  It should be trivial
to do a wrapper to catch and migrate all the (0,2) users to a
start_delayed_progress() that takes neither percentage or time with
mechanical replacement.

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