Jeff King <>:
> Felipe suggested using git-notes to add the metadata, which I think is a
> reasonable first step. The git side of the code is already written, and
> the concept is nicely modularized away from the core of git. Nobody has
> to care about it but your importer, and anybody who wants to query it[1]
> can do so by requesting the note.
> -Peff
> [1] And you do not have to limit yourself to timestamps, if there is
>     other metadata about each commit you end up wanting to store for a
>     clean bi-directional conversion.

I have actually wanted something like this quite badly.  Not so much
for timestamps (though that would be nice), but it would be useful if
each commit could carry a fossil-ID attribute that points at the
Subversion commit it was derived from.

I've tried to make notes work for this, but couldn't beat it into
doing what I was after.  Shawn, is there a way that the import stream
syntax can declare a note with in-line data attached to the commit where
it's declared?  

I tried just using the mark of the current commit, but git throws an error
because it thinks that mark is not yet declared when the note fileop
is parsed.
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