>>>>> "ESR" == Eric S Raymond <e...@thyrsus.com> writes:

ESR> I've never seen a software project under version control with bits
ESR> that old,

They do exist, but the vcs timestamps are (at least for those in git :)
not (always) correlated to when the files were first added to the project.

Maxima, as an example, has code which was written in the '60s.  (A
couple of years ago a bug was fixed in a contrib module which had
been added to MACSYMA back in '62 or so.)

I beleive axiom also has some similarly ancient code.

Those two are now managed in git.  (Except for the openaxiom fork.)

And there is a high-energy physics package still under development
with code going back to the '50s.  I'm pretty sure they moved to a
vcs sometime in the last decade or two. :)

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