Max Horn <> writes:

> The configure script checks whether certain flags are required to use
> pthreads. But it did not consider that *none* might be needed (as is the
> case on Mac OS X). This lead to configure adding "-mt" to the list of
> flags (which does nothing on OS X except producing a warning). This in
> turn triggered a compiler warning on every single file.
> To solve this, we now first check if pthreads work without extra flags.
> This means the check is now order dependant, hence a comment is added
> explaining this, and the reasons for it.
> Note that it might be possible to write an order independent test, but
> it does not seem worth the extra effort required for implementing and
> testing such a solution, when this simple solution exists and works.
> Signed-off-by: Max Horn <>
> ---
> This is actually a revised version from my patch
>  "Change configure to check if pthreads are usable without any extra flags"
> from July. I simply had forgotten all about it :-(.

Will queue, but we would need wider testing to avoid "compiles well
without an option but fails to link" issues similar to cea13a8
(Improve test for pthreads flag, 2011-03-28) on other people's
platforms (I know you tested on Mac OS X and over there it compiles
and links well---I am worried about others).


> Chers,
> Max
> | 12 +++++++++++-
>  1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
> diff --git a/ b/
> index ad215cc..41ac9a5 100644
> --- a/
> +++ b/
> @@ -1021,7 +1021,17 @@ if test -n "$USER_NOPTHREAD"; then
>  # -D_REENTRANT' or some such.
>  elif test -z "$PTHREAD_CFLAGS"; then
>    threads_found=no
> -  for opt in -mt -pthread -lpthread; do
> +  # Attempt to compile and link some code using pthreads to determine
> +  # required linker flags. The order is somewhat important here: We
> +  # first try it without any extra flags, to catch systems where
> +  # pthreads are part of the C library, then go on testing various other
> +  # flags. We do so to avoid false positives. For example, on Mac OS X
> +  # pthreads are part of the C library; moreover, the compiler allows us
> +  # to add "-mt" to the CFLAGS (although it will do nothing except
> +  # trigger a warning about an unused flag). Hence if we checked for
> +  # "-mt" before "" we would end up picking it. But unfortunately this
> +  # would then trigger compiler warnings on every single file we compile.
> +  for opt in "" -mt -pthread -lpthread; do
>       old_CFLAGS="$CFLAGS"
>       CFLAGS="$opt $CFLAGS"
>       AC_MSG_CHECKING([for POSIX Threads with '$opt'])
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