On 28.11.2012, at 07:38, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Max Horn <m...@quendi.de> writes:
>> The configure script checks whether certain flags are required to use
>> pthreads. But it did not consider that *none* might be needed (as is the
>> case on Mac OS X). This lead to configure adding "-mt" to the list of
>> flags (which does nothing on OS X except producing a warning). This in
>> turn triggered a compiler warning on every single file.
>> To solve this, we now first check if pthreads work without extra flags.
>> This means the check is now order dependant, hence a comment is added
>> explaining this, and the reasons for it.
>> Note that it might be possible to write an order independent test, but
>> it does not seem worth the extra effort required for implementing and
>> testing such a solution, when this simple solution exists and works.
>> Signed-off-by: Max Horn <m...@quendi.de>
>> ---
>> This is actually a revised version from my patch
>> "Change configure to check if pthreads are usable without any extra flags"
>> from July. I simply had forgotten all about it :-(.
> Will queue,


> but we would need wider testing to avoid "compiles well
> without an option but fails to link" issues similar to cea13a8
> (Improve test for pthreads flag, 2011-03-28) on other people's
> platforms (I know you tested on Mac OS X and over there it compiles
> and links well---I am worried about others).

Sure, understood. Though note that the test in question performs a compile & 
link test. So I have a hard time to see how this could break something. Then 
again, I dabbled in portable code long enough to never say never ;-).

BTW, is there such a thing as a build farm for git which automatically compiles 
and runs tests for pu / next / main, across a variety of platforms? Or does it 
all rely on devs test building everything regularly?

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