On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 09:42:05PM -0500, W. Trevor King wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 12:28:58AM +0100, Heiko Voigt wrote:
> > https://github.com/hvoigt/git/commits/hv/floating_submodules_draft
> I looked over this before, but maybe not thoroughly enough ;).

Heiko pointed out that I likely hadn't looked at this branch at all,
which is true.  I'd confused it with his earlier:

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 05:29:27PM +0100, Heiko Voigt wrote:
> https://github.com/hvoigt/git/commits/hv/floating_submodules

but the new floating_submodules_draft branch adds Heiko's function
reorganization and floating submodule pull (with 'update --branch') on
top of my v4 commits (instead of my branch-checkout with 'update

> This looks fine, but my current --branch implementation (which doesn't
> pull) is only a thin branch-checkout layer on top of the standard
> `update` functionality.  I'm still unsure if built-in pulls are worth
> the configuration trouble.  I'll sleep on it.  Maybe I'll feel better
> about them tomorrow ;).

I do feel better about them today.  To get a better feel for how
people see this going forward, here is a summary of proposals to date:

v1. Record submodule.<name>.branch with 'submodule add --branch …',
    leave interpretation up to the user.

    Feedback (paraphrased):
      Phil Hord: that clobbers a configure option used by Gerritt and
        possibly others, rename to --record-branch.  Maybe we should
        export submodule.<name>.* as $submodule_* in 'foreach'?
      Nahor: what about corner cases (e.g. upstream renames branches)?
      Jens Lehmann: if you record it, people will expect Git to use
        it.  What about automatic pulls & commits?

v2. Add --record instead of using --branch to address Phil's v1

    Feedback (paraphrased):
      Jens Lehmann: this is still a tiny optimization over using 'git
        config'.  People still use this option in different ways.
      Shawn Pearce: the Gerrit use is basically the same as Ævar's,
        but Gerrit has special handling for '.'.
      Jeff King: if we set up submodule.<name>.branch, we should
        either use it in Git, or make it very clear that we do not use
        it.  If we use Phil's $submodule_* export, we should clear the
        variables for recursive submodules.

v3. Renamed Added $submodule_* export to v2.  Give an example of
    Ævar's pull workflow when explaining that Git does not use the
    value internally.

    Feedback (paraphrased):
      Heiko Voigt: what about automatic pulls & commits?  You should
        allow .git/config overrides of the .gitmodules settings.  if
        we set up submodule.<name>.branch, we should use it in Git.
        How does the submodule know which remote branch to track?
        Junio's proposed 'diff' changes may hide $sha1 information.
      Junio C Hamano: if we set up submodule.<name>.branch, we should
        use it in Git.  Use something more specific than --record.
        Update 'git diff [$path]' and friends in the superproject
        compares the HEAD of the checkout of the submodule at $path
        with the tip of the branch named by submodule.$name.branch in
        .gitmodules of the superproject, instead of the commit that is
        recorded in the index of the superproject.
      Sascha Cunz: you can use 'git shortlog $OLD_SHA1..$NEW_SHA1' for
        the automatic commit message.
      Trevor King: actually, Ævar's update command only specifies the
        local branch name.  The remote is recorded for that branch in

v4. Rename --record to --local-branch.  Remove $submodule_* export.
    Add .git/config overrides for submodule.<name>.branch.  Add
    'submodule update --branch' to check out $sha1 as

    Feedback (paraphrased):
      Heiko Voigt: who cares about the local branch name?  You should
        be pulling origin/$branch, but still using
        .git/modules/<name>/config to record the tracked branch.  You
        should also use 'submodule add --branch[=branch]' instead of
        '--local-branch'.  You should pull the 'update --branch'
        functionality out into a sub-function like
      Jens Lehmann: .git/config overrides are nice, but they should be
      Trevor King: floating branches are following the submodule's
        remote, while 'update --rebase/--merge' are following the
        superproject's recorded $sha1.  Bundling remote-following and
        superproject-following in the same command may be confusing.

Here's what I think we need in v5:

* Jens' optional .git/config overrides.
* Return --local-branch handling to a side effect of --branch (as in
* A new 'submodule pull' for tracking the submodule's remote, which is
  pulling --ff-only origin/$branch into a whatever state the submodule
  is currently in.  If any changes were made to submodule $shas,
  optionally commit them with a shortlog-generated commit message.
* Remove my current 'submodule update --branch' functionality.

Thoughs?  Do we need any more information for an automatic pull, or is

  $ git pull --ff-only origin/$branch

on a headless checkout sufficient?


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