On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 03:04:06PM +0100, Erik Faye-Lund wrote:

> The getpass-implementation we use on Windows isn't at all ideal;
> it works in raw-mode (as opposed to cooked mode), and as a result
> does not deal correcly with deletion, arrow-keys etc.
> Instead, use cooked mode to read a line at the time, allowing the
> C run-time to process the input properly.
> Since we set files to be opened in binary-mode by default on
> Windows, introduce a FORCE_TEXT macro that expands to the "t"
> modifier that forces the terminal to be opened in text-mode so we
> do not have to deal with CRLF issues.

I think this is OK. I had originally envisioned just having a separate
"#ifdef WIN32" and not really sharing code at all with /dev/tty because
I was worried that the conditionals would end up making it hard to read.
This is a little more complex than I would have liked, but I do not see
how the code sharing could be simplified any more than what you have
done, and it is nice to avoid repeating ourselves.

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