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> From: "Piotr Krukowiecki" <piotr.krukowie...@gmail.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 5:19:44 PM
> Subject: Re: git-svn with non-standard repository layout
> Do you mean something like
>    branches = branches/work/*/*:refs/remotes/work/*
>    branches = branches/{branch1,branch2}:refs/remotes/branches/*
> instead of (currently used)
>    branches = branches/work/*/*:refs/remotes/work/*
>    fetch = branches/branch1:refs/remotes/branches/branch1
>    fetch = branches/branch2:refs/remotes/branches/branch2

Essentially yes.  But I guess since you have branches at the same level as the 
work directory, you either have to add to the glob for each new branch or add 
another fetch line...  Doesn't seem like a big win to me.  Jumping on a 
tangent, I thought there could only be one wildcard on the left side of the ':' 
(and the '*' on the right).  If your work/*/* is actually working, that's quite 
> BTW what's the difference between "fetch" and "branches" keys? I could
> only find one: "fetch" does not support glob arguments and "branches"
> do.

That's the only difference I've discovered, though someone more familiar with 
the code might be able to say more.

Here's my config for the Slimdevices repo I mentioned:

[svn-remote "svn"]
        url = http://svn.slimdevices.com/repos/slim

        fetch = trunk/server:refs/remotes/trunk
        fetch = 7.5/trunk/server:refs/remotes/7.5/trunk
        fetch = 7.6/trunk/server:refs/remotes/7.6/trunk
        fetch = 7.7/trunk/server:refs/remotes/7.7/trunk
        fetch = 7.8/trunk/server:refs/remotes/7.8/trunk

        branches = branches/*/server:refs/remotes/pre7/*
        branches = 7.5/branches/*/server:refs/remotes/7.5/*
        branches = 7.6/branches/*/server:refs/remotes/7.6/*
        branches = 7.7/branches/*/server:refs/remotes/7.7/*
        branches = 7.8/branches/*/server:refs/remotes/7.8/*

        tags = 7.5/tags/*/server:refs/remotes/7.5/tags/*
        tags = 7.6/tags/*/server:refs/remotes/7.6/tags/*
        tags = 7.7/tags/*/server:refs/remotes/7.7/tags/*
        tags = 7.8/tags/*/server:refs/remotes/7.8/tags/*

Lots of repetition, but now that I look at it this repo doesn't have the 
branches/work clash yours does, which simplifies the config.

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