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>> Subject: Re: git-svn with non-standard repository layout
>> Do you mean something like
>>    branches = branches/work/*/*:refs/remotes/work/*
>>    branches = branches/{branch1,branch2}:refs/remotes/branches/*
>> instead of (currently used)
>>    branches = branches/work/*/*:refs/remotes/work/*
>>    fetch = branches/branch1:refs/remotes/branches/branch1
>>    fetch = branches/branch2:refs/remotes/branches/branch2
> Essentially yes.  But I guess since you have branches at the same level as 
> the work directory,
> you either have to add to the glob for each new branch or add another fetch 
> line...  Doesn't seem
> like a big win to me.  Jumping on a tangent, I thought there could only be 
> one wildcard on the
> left side of the ':' (and the '*' on the right).  If your work/*/* is 
> actually working, that's quite interesting.

At first I though it was working, but it seems it does not. I have
several branches, including:
  remotes/work/user/xxx (based on remotes/trunk)
  master (based on remotes/trunk)
  xxx (based on remotes/work/user/xxx)

If I do 'git svn rebase -l' on xxx, it rebases commits on xxx (i.e.
on top of master, so now xxx is based on master  :(

I don't know if this is git-svn bug, or the problem with 'work/*/*'
pattern, or something else...
I will try explicit branches specification and will see what happens.

Piotr Krukowiecki
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