Max Horn <> writes:

> Various remote helper capabilities and commands were not
> documented, in particular 'export', or documented in a misleading
> way (e.g. 'for-push' was listed as a ref attribute understood by
> git, which is not the case). This patch series changes that, and
> also address some other things in the remote helper documentation
> that I found jarring when reading through it.
> Note that the description of export and (im|ex)port-marks probably can be
> improved, and I hope that somebody who knows more about them
> than me and/or is better at writing documentation will do just that.
> But I felt it was better to provide something than to do nothing
> and only complain, as I did previously on this subject ;-).

A second ping to people who have touched transport-helper.c,
remote-testsvn.c, git-remote-testgit, and contrib/remote-helpers/ in
the past 18 months for comments.  I've re-read the documentation
updates myself and didn't find anything majorly objectionable.

Except for a minor nit in 6/6; I think "defined options" should be
"defined attributes".

    --- a/Documentation/git-remote-helpers.txt
    +++ b/Documentation/git-remote-helpers.txt
    @@ -227,6 +227,8 @@ Support for this command is mandatory.
            the name; unrecognized attributes are ignored. The list ends
            with a blank line.
    +See REF LIST ATTRIBUTES for a list of currently defined options.

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