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> On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Patrick Donnelly <batr...@batbytes.com> 
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>> Lua has been an incredible success for Nmap [2](and other projects).
>> As an embedded scripting language, it's unrivaled in terms of ease of
>> embedding, ease of use for users, and performance. I would strongly
>> recommend the git developers to seriously consider it.
> [snipping the rest; all valid points no doubt]
> Does lua have os.putenv() yet?  The inability to even *set* an env var
> before calling something else was a killer for me when I last tried
> it.

Lua is pretty strict about being entirely ANSI C and makes very few
exceptions (e.g. dlopen). The exceptions that do exist are only in
base libraries which can easily be thrown out.

> That may make it fine as an embedded language (called *by* something
> else) but it is a bit too "frugal" to use as a glue language (calls
> other things).

As a glue language, this is a feature. The Programming in Lua (written
by the architect of Lua) preface [1] contains the philosophy of Lua on
this issue.

For cases where you do need access to functions like putenv, it's
trivial to either write wrappers for the functions you want to expose
or to incorporate a library that does it all, e.g. luaposix which
contains the majority of POSIX's system calls.

[1] http://www.lua.org/pil/p1.html

- Patrick Donnelly
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