Am 14.12.2012 23:09, schrieb Jeff King:
> Can anybody think of a clever way to expose the constant return value of
> error() to the compiler? We could do it with a macro, but that is also
> out for error(), as we do not assume the compiler has variadic macros. I
> guess we could hide it behind "#ifdef __GNUC__", since it is after all
> only there to give gcc's analyzer more information. But I'm not sure
> there is a way to make a macro that is syntactically identical. I.e.,
> you cannot just replace "error(...)" in "return error(...);" with a
> function call plus a value for the return statement. You'd need
> something more like:
>   #define RETURN_ERROR(fmt, ...) \
>   do { \
>     error(fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
>     return -1; \
>   } while(0) \
> which is awfully ugly.


  #define error(fmt, ...) (error_impl(fmt, __VA_ARGS__), -1)

cause problems when not used in a return statement?

-- Hannes

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