On Wednesday 2012-10-03 21:03, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>I said that "git reset --keep" started out as an ugly workaround for
>the lack of "git checkout -B $current_branch".  Now we have it, so
>we can afford to make "reset --keep" less prominently advertised in
>our tool set.  As I already said back then, "reset --soft" also has
>outlived its usefulness when "commit --amend" came, so that leaves
>only these modes of "reset":

Soft is still useful, partway. Consider patch splitting (where easily

 $ git add foo.c bar.c
 $ git commit -m foo,bar
 [other commits]
 $ git rebase -i FOOBARCOMMIT^
 [mark foo,bar for edit]
 $ git reset --soft HEAD^
 $ git reset bar.c
 $ git commit -m foo
 $ git add bar.c
 $ git commit -m bar
 $ git rebase --continue
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