Martin von Zweigbergk <> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:51 AM, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> I am guilty of introducing "git reset --soft HEAD^" before I invented
>> "commit --amend" during v1.3.0 timeframe to solve the issue "soft" reset
>> originally wanted to.
> I do use "commit --amend" a lot, but I still appreciate having "reset
> --soft". For example, to squash the last few commits:
> git reset --soft HEAD^^^ && git commit --amend

Yeah, I do that sometimes myself, but the key word is "sometimes".
These days, I think most users (not just mortals but experienced
ones) use "rebase -i" to squash them altogether, either with "fixup",
with which you lose the messages from the follow-up fixes, just
like the soft reset to an old one with an amen,) or with "squash",
with which you can pick pieces of messages from the follow-up fixes
while updating the message from the original one.

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