Adam Spiers <> writes:

> OK; I expect these issues with the implementation are all
> surmountable.  I did not necessarily expect this to be the final
> implementation anyhow, as indicated by my comments below the divider
> line.  However it's not clear to me what you think about the idea in
> principle, and whether other compiler flags would merit inclusion.

As different versions of GCC behave differently, and the same GCC
(mis)detect issues differently depending on the optimization level,
I do not know if it will be a fruitful exercise to try to come up
with one expression to come up with the set of flags to suit
everybody.  One flag I prefer to use is -Werror, but that means the
other flags must have zero false positive rate.

If you are interested, the flags I personally use with the version
of GCC I happen to have is in the Make script on the 'todo' branch.

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