Adam Spiers <> writes:

> Fair enough, but let's not allow perfect to become the enemy of good.

That is why I would prefer a solution without any false positive
while allowing false negatives, i.e. not force everybody to use
these flags without giving a way to turn them off.

You could perhaps sell us a solution like this:

 * Put these more strict options to CC_FLAGS_PEDANTIC (you may later
   want to come up with LD_FLAGS_PEDANTIC and friends to make other
   comands also more strict).

 * Introduce PEDANTIC variable that turns XX_FLAGS_PEDANTIC
   variables to less strict when set to 0 and more strict when set
   to 1, similar to the way the variable V makes "make V=0" and
   "make V=1" behave slightly differently.

Then we could introduce PEDANTIC=0 as default first to have people
try it out, with an expectation that later we can flip the default
to 'on' when the feature matures.
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