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Il 17/12/2012 20:42, Junio C Hamano ha scritto:
> [...]
>>> I am not sure how you would handle the last parameter to "git mv",
>>> though.  That is by definition a path that does not exist,
>>> i.e. cannot be completed.
>> Right, the code should be changed.
>> No completion should be done for the second parameter.
> I deliberately wrote "the last" not "the second", as you can do
>       $ mkdir X
>         $ git mv COPYING README X/.

The patch is ready, however I decided to leave git mv completion simple.
Pressing <TAB> will always try to autocomplete using all cached files.
I have added a note to remember it needs more work.

git-completion.bash has a lot of other things that may be improved:

* adding missing commands
 (as an example, there is strangely no custom support fot "git status")

* completion support for commands like "git checkout" is not complete.
  "git checkout <TAB>" will correctly try to complete the tree-ish,
  however "git checkout HEAD -- <TAB>" will try to complete the path
  using *all* files in the working directory.

  This is easy to fix, using the new functions I have added

* not all long options are supported.
  The script documentation says that only common long options are
  supported, so I'm not sure it is ok to add support for all available
  long options.

Regards   Manlio
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