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Il 17/12/2012 20:42, Junio C Hamano ha scritto:
> [...]
>>> I am not sure how you would handle the last parameter to "git mv",
>>> though.  That is by definition a path that does not exist,
>>> i.e. cannot be completed.
>> Right, the code should be changed.
>> No completion should be done for the second parameter.
> I deliberately wrote "the last" not "the second", as you can do
>       $ mkdir X
>         $ git mv COPYING README X/.
> You do need to expand the second parameter to README when the user
> types
>       git mv COPYING REAMDE X
> then goes back with \C-b to "M", types \C-d three times to remove
> "MDE", and then finally says <TAB>, to result in
>       git mv COPYING README X

Assuming X is a new untracked directory, do you think it is an usability
problem if an user try to do:

        git mv COPYING README <TAB>

and X does not appear in the completion list?

As far as I know, the solution is to only support custom expansion the
first parameter, unless the user will do something like:

        git mv COPYING README -- <TAB>

Regards  Manlio

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