Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 6:18 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> ...
>> Hmph, how is this new file conceptually different from existing ones
> Conceptually the same, except that CHERRY_PICK_HEAD can't be reused
> because it's specifically tied to git-cherry-pick (there's even code
> that delete this ref if cherry-pick is run as part of rebase, and
> git-status uses this ref to see if a cherry-pick is in progress).
> There's also REVERT_HEAD in sequencer.c, same purpose but for
> git-revert. Perhaps I should rename this new ref to REBASE_HEAD to
> follow the same naming?

I just found "ORIG_COMMIT" too similar to "ORIG_HEAD" that is
totally a different thing and feared unnecessary confusion.  I think
you are correct to suggest that REBASE_HEAD would be more in line
with the naming convention with the sequencer-like operations.


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