On Sun, Feb 04 2018, Lucas Werkmeister jotted:

>            [--inetd |
>             [--listen=<host_or_ipaddr>] [--port=<n>]
>             [--user=<user> [--group=<group>]]]
> +          [--log-destination=(stderr|syslog|none)]

I micronit, but maybe worthwhile to have a preceeding commit to fix up
that indentation of --listen and --user.

> +--log-destination=<destination>::
> +     Send log messages to the specified destination.
> +     Note that this option does not imply --verbose,

Should `` quote --verbose, although I see similar to the WS change I
noted above there's plenty of existing stuff in that doc doing it wrong.
> +                     } else
> +                             die("unknown log destination '%s'", v);

Should be die(_("unknown..., i.e. use the _() macro.

Anyway, this looks fine to be with our without these proposed
bikeshedding changes above. Thanks.

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