Leo Gaspard <l...@gaspard.io> writes:

> On 02/10/2018 01:13 AM, Jeff King wrote:
>> On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 12:49:31AM +0100, Leo Gaspard wrote:
>>> So the changes that are required are:
>>>  * Adding a notification-only post-fetch hook

Maybe I missed a very early part of the discussion, but why does
this even need a hook?  There are some numbers [*1*] of classes of
valid reasons we may want to have hooks triggered by operations, but
"always do something locally after doing something else locally,
regardless of the outcome of that something else" feels like the
most typical anti-pattern that we do not want a hook for.  If you
are doing "git fetch" (or "git pull"), you already know you are
doing that and you donot need a notification.  You just create a
workflow specific script that calls fetch or pull, followed by
whatever you want to do and use that, instead of doing "git pull",
and that is not any extra work than writing a hook and installing

Unlike something like post-receive, which happens on the remote side
where you may not even have an interactive access to, in response to
the operation you locally do (i.e. "git push"), fetching and then
doing something else in a repository you fetch into has no reason to
be done as a hook.


*1* I think the number was 5 when I last counted/enumerated, but
    don't quote me on that ;-)

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