On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 03:02:00AM +0100, Leo Gaspard wrote:

> > So does anybody actually want to be able to adjust the refs as they pass
> > through? It really sounds like you just want to be able to reject or not
> > reject the fetch. And that rejecting would be the uncommon case, so it's
> > OK to just abort the whole operation and expect the user to figure it
> > out.
> This completely fits my use case (modulo the fact that it's more similar
> to the `update` hook than to `pre-receive` I think, as verifying the
> signature requires the objects to already have been downloaded), indeed,
> though I'm not sure it would have fit Joey's (based on my understanding,
> adding a merge was what was originally asked for).
> Actually, I'm wondering if the existing semantics of `update` could not
> be reused for the `pre-fetch`. Would it make sense to just call `update`
> during a fetch in the same way as during a receive-pack? That said it
> likely makes this a breaking change, though it's maybe unlikely that a
> repository is used both for fetching and for receive-pack'ing, it could
> happen.
> So the proposal as I understand it would currently be adding a
> `fetch-update` hook that does exactly the same thing as `update` but for
> `fetch`. This solves my use case in a nice way, though it likely doesn't
> solve Joey's original one (which has been taken care of by a wrapper
> since then).
> What do you all think about it?

I think it should be a separate hook; having an existing hook trigger in
new places is likely to cause confusion and regressions.

If you do go this route, please model it after "pre-receive" rather than
"update". We had "update" originally but found it was too limiting for
hooks to see only one ref at a time. So we introduced pre-receive. The
"update" hook remains for historical reasons, but I don't think we'd
want to reproduce the mistake. :)


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